Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Swimming a little deep

The week ends been busy with various goings on in the creature shop. Still hot on the heels of finishing the second concept for -WithIn- the Intergalactic Alien General Surgeon I've also managed to reclaim a sculpt that had been lingering in a dark corner for about a year and got her up right and erected firmly on a new sculpture stand made specially for her, this will make the third concept for -WithIn- the mutilation but more on that to come.

But more on the first concept, the Aquatic Alien that lives in an eye (sculpture work in progress) With the whole concept of the lifeform living within the eye and the rather complex forms of the iris it was time to do some early tests with my Fuji Finepix S7000 and a miniDV cam, we need a bigger tank!!, ultimately the early tests have opened the door but the question still remains, will this be an articulated silicone prop or will it be digital.....

Image 1 and 2 - Blank resin casts
Image 3 - The silicone test Alien with it's rather fleshy look
Image 4 - A test Alien Foetus

"There out there, Watching, Waiting, Mutilating......."