Monday, 24 November 2008

Ron Mueck's Mask II & Siren at STATUEPHILIA

The weekend saw a trip to the STATUEPHILIA exhibition at The British Museum, London. The museum itself was wondrous, from outside the traditionally looking ancient architecture of an old London and through the foyer to the main hall where up above we transition to glass and steal domed roofing and polished marble architecture, which in turn seemed quite fitting to the exhibits of Contemporary sculpture stood side by side with ancient sculptures from around the world.

The STATUEPHILIA exhibits include Antony Gormley, Case for an Angel I. Damien Hirst, Cornucopia. Ron Mueck, Mask II. Time Noble and Sue Webster, Dark Stuff, and Marc Quinn, Siren.

The Australian born artist living and working in London, Ron Mueck’s work has always inspired from the days of working at the Henson Creature Shop on films like Labyrinth to his more modern approach to Contemporary Art with his hyper realistic sculptures.

Ron Mueck Mask II 2001/2002 Mixed media is an amazing work of art, from the pictures I’d seen it almost looked caricatured but seeing it in the flesh was incredible, the depth of detail and realism brought it to life with an almost eerie quality coupled with it’s overwhelming size. Installation video

Marc Quinn Siren, a life-size statue of a modern day goddess Kate Moss crafted in gold.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

-WithIn- Female Cow Hybrid

The female cow hybrid sculpture finished...
The water clays been sealed with crysta clear spray and a mould divide added just passed half way, It was decided early on to due to costs and construction that the sculpture would be photographed front on and that this would be a static display.....
The first layer of silicone moulding rubber is brushed on and left to gell....
Once all the silcone work was complete this multi peice fibre glass mother jacket was produced, this was to hold the rubber moulds position aswell as the weight, in total the finsihed mould weighted approx 25 kilos, there was also a resin plate mould made of the back half.....
Mmooo baby!! the resin casting produced using polyester gell coat layers pigments and reinforced with fibre glass. I've decided to leave the eyes in the cast instead of using glass eyes seen as one eye's iris and pupil will be distorted to match the eye socket, I've also left the teeth in the which seemed little need to dremel out and add acrylic

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Night's dawn

She gasped that breathe of darkness as the last of the shabby dust bin liners that bound her time and body where pulled from her being... I’m currently resurrecting this sculpt, I’ve made a few changes and have a few more changes to carve.

I’ve also found myself involved with the old Facial Distortions gang, although there’s no FD anymore it’s cool to sit and work ideas out and maybe get something going again. There was plans for a film short involving some Ancient English history but due to it’s graphic nature it looks like another idea will have to come from the pits of hell….

Hello Jack!!

The man’s heart beat stopped as he looks into the darkness franticly

Look at poor old you all alone in this place, I promise not to leave you alone my little saucy boy jack…

From the darkness the man slowly looks up shaking and we see the angelic face of Marie,
she’s around 25 years old, she has blonde hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion, she’s wearing from what we can see a linsey frock and red shawl around her shoulders, her face is quite attractive, the man’s eyes stay fixed on Marie’s eyes.

Have you missed me Jack, oh how I dream of thee, my little saucy boy.

Marie slowly walks towards the man and bends down close to him, she holds her arm oddly as if hiding something from him. The man’s heart pounds beating again furiously, his shaking intensifies. Marie smiles

I have a little something for you Jack

The mans eyes fall to where Marie’s hand is deliberately hiding something

Marie’s hand slowly turns by the wrist lifting into frame a fresh bloodied kidney with arteries still attached, she holds it in front of her face towards the man and slowly rakes a delicate nail over the glistening blood of its surface

The man screams terrified

Lost your stomach Jack

Marie’s eyes widen as her lips begin to smile darkly

What’s the matter Jack had your fill, do you not wish to eat me, have a little slice…… no grapes for dessert?

Monday, 17 March 2008

A Vagrant Dream

It’s been a while since my last post, a busy couple of months and the murky mists of time are finally clearing WithIn the confines of my work and it’s eloquent play. The perils of our mind can sometimes delve deeply and although my latest piece is purposeful in its perverse imagery perhaps I allowed my mind to open the doors a little to candidly. I always love the concept of what’s never seen holds so much power over the mind, but god do I wish to peek. This sculpture did that, it allowed your mind to explore what could never be filmed through censorship, my little Intergalactic Angel.

January seen me at Imats 2008, the London International Make Up Artist Trade Show. It was a great event with key note speaker Rick Baker stealing the week end to some degree, Jordu Schell was sculpting on Neill Gorton’s stand which was by far and yet again the hive of activity. Other speakers and demonstrators included Neill Gorton, Nick Dudman, Bob Keen, Cliff Wallace and John Schoonraad doing an incredible full body cast on a live model posed dynamically. Then onto Millennium FX studio for a week with Jordu Schell on his sculpture coarse, if gods are gods then they truly live within the hands of Jordu whose work continues to drive and inspire. I’ll be putting links to the sidebar soon with galleries for Imats 2006, 2007, 2008 and finally a week later a visit to the first ever Monster Mash so a gallery will be created as well.

The highlight of it all was having my sculpture displayed at the Imats show and the Monster Mash, it opened the door to meeting some fellow artists and supportive feedback on my work, the events and the industry on a whole.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Update on the Alien Surgeon, she's finally in the rubber!!, there's been a little intrinisic colouring but the rest will be done by paint and air brush over the coming week