Monday, 24 November 2008

Ron Mueck's Mask II & Siren at STATUEPHILIA

The weekend saw a trip to the STATUEPHILIA exhibition at The British Museum, London. The museum itself was wondrous, from outside the traditionally looking ancient architecture of an old London and through the foyer to the main hall where up above we transition to glass and steal domed roofing and polished marble architecture, which in turn seemed quite fitting to the exhibits of Contemporary sculpture stood side by side with ancient sculptures from around the world.

The STATUEPHILIA exhibits include Antony Gormley, Case for an Angel I. Damien Hirst, Cornucopia. Ron Mueck, Mask II. Time Noble and Sue Webster, Dark Stuff, and Marc Quinn, Siren.

The Australian born artist living and working in London, Ron Mueck’s work has always inspired from the days of working at the Henson Creature Shop on films like Labyrinth to his more modern approach to Contemporary Art with his hyper realistic sculptures.

Ron Mueck Mask II 2001/2002 Mixed media is an amazing work of art, from the pictures I’d seen it almost looked caricatured but seeing it in the flesh was incredible, the depth of detail and realism brought it to life with an almost eerie quality coupled with it’s overwhelming size. Installation video

Marc Quinn Siren, a life-size statue of a modern day goddess Kate Moss crafted in gold.