Tuesday, 27 November 2007

-WithIn- Alien General Surgeon

He's in the mould, here's the progress on the Surgeon. The water clay work is complete and currently undergoing fibreglass moulding, the fingers and tongue need a little more work and will follow the same process shortly.

The lastest addiditon to this years Imats 2008 include Nick Dudman, currently Mr Dudman runs the highest profile traditional FX workshop in the UK and have completed Animatronic and Special Make-Up Effects for all the Harry Potter films.
"WithIn Space A Scream Is Just The Beginning......"

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Predator Strikes Back

Whilst roaming around some of the forums I'm a member off I was stoked to find this posting "diavolo from Italia, the first Preadator in my country 5th month of work... all made by meself (except skin and helmet).... and now he lives..." by Diavolobianco. He's done an incredible job on the costume and had the forum in somewhat of a stir with his ingenious use of materials for the armour, plastic waste buckets of all things.

A close up of the costume and the helmet Diavolo used, my Mysteria Models AVP Scar Predator helmet produced as a garage kit and limited cold cast metal replica for the cinema release of AVP Aliens vs Predator the movie

Slated for a UK January 2008 release the clock is ticking, Here's one of NECA's toys to tie in with the release of AVP-r, the Alien Predator Hybrid creature, but here's what im really waiting for "Alien vs. Predator: Survival of the Fittest" ADI opens its doors to unveil the secrets of the creature design process behind two of the most frightening characters ever! From conception to fabrication and finishing, follow their talented crew in-studio and on location through this captivating book and accompanying creature FX DVD....hubba hubba and a bucket of popcorn!!

Broody Bats!! and finally for this months low down, The Dark Knight returns in this sculptural rendition following the incredible comic artwork of Alex Ross. This was sculpted a couple of years ago for Mysteria Models but due to other work commitments never seen an official release. Here's a cold cast bronze I did a few months back.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Northern Star

The Baltic chill has taken over the creatureshop like a crippling disease and I’m aching from it’s ill gotten gains, ok I’m fulla flue so things have been a little slow lately. Seen as I’ve been stuck in doors recouping and coughing I decided to do some oil clay, It’s a medium I’ve did very little with so I’ll be working on some studies in doors, the first of which is a rather young Orangutan,

I’ve just ordered another nice pair of primate eyes from http://www.eyedentity.co.uk/ for a very senior looking ape and I also have plans for a special ape but more on that as it happens. Check out MilleniumFX forum whilst you’re passing, its Neill Gorton’s forum specializing in Dr Who replicas produced by the team behind the hit show’s FX. They also cover general FX and the board members can post projects their working on and ask Neill questions

I did get a little further with the Surgeon and his enigmatic smile.

Perhaps the coolest news I’ve heard recently is that the one FX artist after Ray Harryhausen that inspired me so much, the incredibly talented 6 times Oscar winner Rick Baker will be quest keynote speaker at this years IMATS 2008 http://www.makeupmag.com/

And finally my special love at present, Daisy!! When Aliens go that one step to far and cocktail female and cow DNA to produce Hybrids as cattle for their offspring, don't shudder at the udder!! She’s got some ways to go yet but she’s patient :)

Watch the skies!!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Swimming a little deep

The week ends been busy with various goings on in the creature shop. Still hot on the heels of finishing the second concept for -WithIn- the Intergalactic Alien General Surgeon I've also managed to reclaim a sculpt that had been lingering in a dark corner for about a year and got her up right and erected firmly on a new sculpture stand made specially for her, this will make the third concept for -WithIn- the mutilation but more on that to come.

But more on the first concept, the Aquatic Alien that lives in an eye (sculpture work in progress) With the whole concept of the lifeform living within the eye and the rather complex forms of the iris it was time to do some early tests with my Fuji Finepix S7000 and a miniDV cam, we need a bigger tank!!, ultimately the early tests have opened the door but the question still remains, will this be an articulated silicone prop or will it be digital.....

Image 1 and 2 - Blank resin casts
Image 3 - The silicone test Alien with it's rather fleshy look
Image 4 - A test Alien Foetus

"There out there, Watching, Waiting, Mutilating......."