Tuesday, 27 November 2007

-WithIn- Alien General Surgeon

He's in the mould, here's the progress on the Surgeon. The water clay work is complete and currently undergoing fibreglass moulding, the fingers and tongue need a little more work and will follow the same process shortly.

The lastest addiditon to this years Imats 2008 include Nick Dudman, currently Mr Dudman runs the highest profile traditional FX workshop in the UK and have completed Animatronic and Special Make-Up Effects for all the Harry Potter films.
"WithIn Space A Scream Is Just The Beginning......"


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Never been a fan of Dudman's work since he sculpted that crap appliance for the Joker in Tim Burton's 'Batman' not sure how much real sculpting this guy does and how much is just his crew.He tends to be credited with the word 'supervisor' a lot these days which leads me to think he does just that.

Nice creature, you planning on selling this as a mask or something ?

Gerard said...

From what I've read that was more to do with Nicholson not wanting his face buried in prosthetics, which he later stipulated whilst doing Wolf..

No not for sale, it's a concept sculpt or working design for one of the creatures from -WithIn-. An alien abduction surgeon, I was looking to explore violation and penetration in the sculpt and never wanted to show an extreme expression, kinda just keeping things in the realm of the alien mythos that's been created over the last few decades. Really need to get my head down and work on some concept drawings