Monday, 17 March 2008

A Vagrant Dream

It’s been a while since my last post, a busy couple of months and the murky mists of time are finally clearing WithIn the confines of my work and it’s eloquent play. The perils of our mind can sometimes delve deeply and although my latest piece is purposeful in its perverse imagery perhaps I allowed my mind to open the doors a little to candidly. I always love the concept of what’s never seen holds so much power over the mind, but god do I wish to peek. This sculpture did that, it allowed your mind to explore what could never be filmed through censorship, my little Intergalactic Angel.

January seen me at Imats 2008, the London International Make Up Artist Trade Show. It was a great event with key note speaker Rick Baker stealing the week end to some degree, Jordu Schell was sculpting on Neill Gorton’s stand which was by far and yet again the hive of activity. Other speakers and demonstrators included Neill Gorton, Nick Dudman, Bob Keen, Cliff Wallace and John Schoonraad doing an incredible full body cast on a live model posed dynamically. Then onto Millennium FX studio for a week with Jordu Schell on his sculpture coarse, if gods are gods then they truly live within the hands of Jordu whose work continues to drive and inspire. I’ll be putting links to the sidebar soon with galleries for Imats 2006, 2007, 2008 and finally a week later a visit to the first ever Monster Mash so a gallery will be created as well.

The highlight of it all was having my sculpture displayed at the Imats show and the Monster Mash, it opened the door to meeting some fellow artists and supportive feedback on my work, the events and the industry on a whole.

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